What We Do

Contribute to community organizations such as:

•           Palmer Elementary School
•           Catherine’s Health Center
•           Mary Freebed Hospital (Kiwanis of Michigan
•           GRPS Dictionary Project
•           North End Community Ministry (NECM) Food Pantry
•           Noorthoek Academy
•           SECOM Resource Center
•           St. Cecelia Strings to Schools
•           Conductive Learning Center
•           Boy Scouts of America
•           Fransiscan Life Center

Volunteer opportunities include:

•           Howard Christensen Nature Center-landscaping
•           Palmer Elementary tutoring
•           Terrific Kids awards program at area elementary 
•           Kid's Food Basket
•           New Development Corporation-housing restoration
•           Family food baskets at Christmas
•           Salvation Army Christmas bell ringing
•           SECOM community dinner
•           Red Cross
•           Senior Meals on Wheels